Fresh Falafel

Falafel has been part of the middle eastern diet for centuries, it is an iconic Palestinian and Egyptian food and is now a popular street food in many countries around the world, it is sometimes offered as a vegetarian alternative to meat kebabs. Our falafels are made from fresh chickpeas, fresh parsley and coriander ,and we have perfected a special blend of spices that are added to the mixture to give it a great taste that will linger in your mouth long after you have finished eating them, and will keep you wanting more. We only make fresh falafels on the day that your order is shipped out to you,they are in 500 gram packs ,and because they are fresh they will keep in the fridge up to 7 days,or you can freeze them for later use. Ingredients: fresh chickpeas, fresh coriander, fresh parsley, onion,garlic, salt, bicarbonate soda, selected spices.