Homous bi tahini also known by the simple name of homous is a dip that is popular through out the middle eastern world, and is starting to become well known all around the world because of its health benefits.It is one of the oldest known prepared foods with a long history in the middle east. One of the ingredients of homous is chickpeas,the chickpeas make homous a good source of protein and dietary fibre, it is useful in vegetarian and vegan diets, and when eaten with bread it provides essential amino acids. We don’t use canned chickpeas,we use freshly cooked chickpeas in our homous, and because it is an authentic home made recipe the flavour is fantastic, this is the way homous is supposed to taste. For individual orders it comes in 250 gram containers for $ 4.00, but will be a different price in a catering order depending on how many people. Ingredients: Chickpeas,tahini,lemon juice, garlic,salt